Dental Care: One Step at a Time

How many of our patients improve their dental health can be a great thing, but it can also be overwhelming if done incorrectly. In the following blog article will discuss a few changes you can make to your dental health, that are simple and easy to maintain. We want all of our patients to constantly work to achieve better dental health and better overall health.


In an effort to fight cavities, the most effective treatment that can be done is controlling your diet. By eliminating sweet and acidic drinks, you would be doing a lot to prevent cavities. Some may make the argument that when comparing natural fruit juice to soda, fruit juice is a better drink option. From a dental standpoint, however. The acid in both soda and juice weakens your enamel, and the sugar feeds the bacteria. By simply drinking more water throughout the day, you will not only help your teeth, but you can even take inches off of your waistline.

Oral Hygiene

Each and every one of my patients has a different schedule, lifestyle, and circumstances. For this reason, we customize hygiene recommendations for patients based on their circumstances. By taking baby steps towards improving your oral hygiene, you will slowly but surely develop a habit that will be much harder to break. Start by flossing a couple of times a week, then try up to three times a week, then 4, then 5. In time, it’ll become a regular part of your regimen.

Get Organized

Maintaining a schedule ensures your dental health. By setting up your 6-month checkups in advance, you will be setting yourself up for success.

If you’re motivated to improve your dental health this coming season, start by giving us a call at Great Smiles on La Mesa in La Mesa, CA. We would love to play a part in and assist you in your journey to better dental health.

The Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Your teeth lacking some luster is a lot more commonly on the minds of people than you may think. So many patients come into the dentist office hoping for a solution to their teeth whitening woes, and thanks to the latest and greatest in whitening technology, the next best thing is here! Zoom Whitening has successfully changed the lives of many patients, and you could be next.

About Zoom Teeth Whitening

With so many whitening treatments that you can do in your house or buy from the local pharmacy, the right solution can be a bit difficult sometimes. Zoom Whitening is specifically for those with severe discoloring of the teeth, that could be a result of our lifestyle or heavy fluoridation as kids. Whatever the case may be, you want a whitening treatment that can yield dramatic results and be done by a dental professional that you know and trust.

The whitening system consists of whitening properties found in a gel with a hydrogen peroxide base. This get is applied directly to the teeth and is then activated by a UV light that will show immediate and drastic results in as little as one visit to the dentist.

The Benefits

If you want whitening results that are not only dramatic but last a long time coming, Zoom is the treatment for you. Even those of us that are a bit apprehensive about whitening because of sensitive teeth, Zoom Whitening is done under the watchful eye of your dentist at a concentration that is comfortable and safe for you and only you.

The Procedure

To begin the procedure, the lips and gums are covered in order to be protected. Then, the gel is applied, activated by the specialized UV light at 15-minute intervals for a total of 3 times. Finally, a floured gel is applied to reduce sensitivity following the procedure.

If Zoom Whitening sounds like something that you would like, or a product that aligns with your lifestyle, then you should contact your local dentist. If you live in the greater La Mesa, CA, area or its surrounding communities, Dr. Sherin Johnson would love to help you transform your smile to get you on the path to a more confident you.

Dental Implants Can Make You Happy!

For anyone who is missing a tooth and is looking for the best replacement option, look no further than a dental implant affixed with a dental crown. It is a safe, trustworthy option that patients have used for years with amazing results. Here are some of the many reasons to consider a dental implant:

Dental Implants Are a Permanent Option

As a permanent solution, it acts as a natural tooth would. Since it is attached to the jaw bone, it helps to maintain the health of this important bone as well. For cleaning, you will not need to remove the implant.

Improved Self-Esteem

With the usage of non-permanent options like dentures, there is always the risk of your dental appliance falling out. When supported by dental implants, you can feel much safer and confident when you smile.

Improved Speech

Many patients report issues with their speech when wearing bridges or dentures. Since dental implants are so similar to natural teeth, it does not create any difficulties when speaking.

Convenient and Comfortable

Brides and dentures are not always the most comfortable option. Their fit will need to be adjusted as time goes by, while a dental implant does not need to be adjusted once it is installed. It is very comfortable and does not cause pain or any issues while eating and speaking.

Improved Appearance

While we all want to have a healthy mouth, we also want to have a great smile to show off! A missing tooth, or missing teeth, can cause a person to not smile as much as they should. Additionally, missing teeth can create places were the skin sags and gives an older appearance.

Implants are being used to replace bridges and dentures in large numbers with a massive success rate. Do you think implants can help you? Call us to set up a consultation!