Dental Implants La Mesa, CA

Are you missing one, several or all your teeth in a row? Interested in dental implants in La Mesa, CA? In the event that a tooth is removed or falls out, the most important thing you can do to maintain proper oral health is to replace the tooth. If not, several issues can start to creep up, including:

  • Teeth becoming crooked due to spreading
  • Increased stress on the remaining teeth as they take on more of the chewing and grinding work which can increase tooth loss
  • Dissolving of the jaw bone due to lack of interaction with the tooth
Dental Implants

Placement of Dental Implants La Mesa

There are a few options for tooth replacement, but one of the best available are dental implants due to their durability, stability and overall appearance and function. A titanium rod is used as a replacement for the root of a tooth and is surgically grafted to the jaw bone. Titanium is ideal for this since it is a non-allergenic and biocompatible material, making it a great fit for everyone.

Once healed, a dental crown can be attached to the top to recreate the missing tooth. Dental crowns are made of ultra-realistic materials to mimic the look and feel of a natural tooth perfectly. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing aspect, they also add needed strength that can enable the wearer to chew and eat with ease. Our dental implants in La Mesa require no dietary restrictions or pastes and can allow you to start eating your favorite foods again. Dental implants can also improve your appearance, reducing facial sagging and making the face look fuller.

Candidates for Dental Implants El Cajon, CA

Certain pre-existing conditions, such as gum disease, can make a patient unable to receive dental implants successfully. Your dentist can thoroughly examine your mouth during your consultation in order to make additional recommendations for a tooth replacement procedure such as dental bridges.

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Tired of having missing teeth in your smile? Are you ready to restore the function, health and appearance of your smile? Contact Great Smiles today to schedule your consultation with our dental implant dentist in La Mesa, CA. We’d be happy to evaluate your smile to determine if our dental implants in El Cajon are the right option for you.

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