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Notice your tooth looks dark? Suffering from severe decay, damage or infection? Inside the hard enamel of our teeth is a soft center filled with pulp and nerves. This soft center is responsible for pulling nutrients from the body and keeping the tooth healthy and strong. When a cavity forms and is left untreated, it can spread bacteria and infection into the center of the tooth. If this occurs, it puts the viability of the tooth in jeopardy, and a root canal treatment is necessary to help save the tooth. Think you may need a root canal in La Mesa, CA? Contact our endodontist today!

Root Canals (Endodontics)

Process for Root Canal La Mesa, CA

Think you may benefit from a root canal? To start, a portion of the cap of the tooth will need to be removed in order to give your root canal dentist (endodontist) in La Mesa, CA the space to perform the root canal treatment. The infected and inflamed material in the roots will be completely removed, and the area will be thoroughly sanitized to remove all traces of bacteria. The roots will then be sealed in order to create a roadblock for any future bacteria that try to infiltrate the tooth.

To complete the root canal procedure, a dental crown is necessary to be installed on top of the tooth as a replacement for the cap of the tooth that had to be removed. In addition to offering an aesthetic restoration, dental crowns also offer the tooth more strength so that it can be used for chewing and biting just like other teeth while preventing future decay, infection and even damage.

Do I Need a Root Canal in La Mesa?

Wondering if you may need a root canal in CA? Warning signs that you may need a root canal are:

  • Red and tender gums
  • Discolored tooth
  • Tooth pain (severe, mild, or only present when biting)
  • Small bumps or one bump in the gums
  • A fracture or cavity that has not been treated

Visit Our Root Canal Dentist Near You Today

Want to avoid having your tooth extracted? Contact Great Smiles today to schedule an appointment with our root canal dentist in La Mesa, CA. We would be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine whether endodontic treatment may be the best option for your overall oral health.

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