White Fillings La Mesa, CA

Experiencing a toothache? Think you may have a cavity? Interested in composite fillings in La Mesa, CA? For many decades, the only affordable option for filling cavities and restoring teeth was through the usage of metal amalgam to fill teeth. This combination of metal materials was not consistent as far as what metals were used and would also contain small amounts of mercury…which is never a good thing to have in your mouth.These inexpensive fillings would expand and contract with hot or cold beverages, which would lead to it slowly separating from the tooth they were installed in. For cosmetic purposes, the metal was also noticeable and significantly took away from a beautiful smile.

White Fillings

Our La Mesa Composite Fillings

Luckily, at Great Smiles we are proud to offer composite dental fillings, a safe, healthy and more appealing option. Our composite fillings in CA are designed to blend with your natural tooth, making it noticeable that you even had a filling. For composite fillings dentistry, schedule your appointment today!

Benefits of Composite Fillings La Mesa, CA

Luckily dental technology has provided us with White fillings. This tooth-colored material can be made to match nearly any shade of tooth in order to help it blend seamlessly. The chemistry of the material is also much stronger than metal amalgam and can help restore strength to a badly damaged tooth. It is also not susceptible to expanding and contracting, so it keeps its strength longer and protects a tooth better. Our composite fillings also contain no harmful or toxic ingredients.

Composite can also be used in other ways besides filling, such as repairing cracks and chips in teeth and strengthening the weakened tooth. The versatility of the material gives dentists the opportunity to help their patients in so many ways! If you currently have fillings that were done with the metal amalgam, call us to set up a consultation so we can discuss upgrading to tooth-colored fillings.

Get Composite Fillings in La Mesa Today

Think you have a cavity? Want your toxic amalgam fillings replaced? Contact Great Smiles today to schedule your appointment for composite dental fillings in La Mesa, CA. We’d be happy to examine your smile and oral health to determine whether a composite dental filling is the right option for you.

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