What You Need to Know About Immediate Dentures

What You Need to Know About Immediate Dentures

Sep 19, 2018

If you’re about to undergo multiple tooth extractions, your dentist may recommend immediate dentures which can be fixed the same day of the extractions.

Here’s all you need to know about immediate dentures.

How Are Immediate Dentures Done?

Before your tooth extraction, your dental professional takes dental images and impression and passes them on to a lab to create your immediate dentures. So instead of waiting for months for your gums to heal and permanent dentures fitted, your immediate dentures will be ready to be fixed in your mouth the same day.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures

When your dentist takes your dental impressions and prepares an immediate denture before tooth extraction, your tooth color, shape, and size will more accurately match that of the denture.

With immediate dentures, you won’t have to go without teeth for a long time before getting your permanent dentures fitted. This means you can remain confident and pleased with your smile immediately after your tooth extractions.

You also won’t suffer the inconvenience of having to adjust your oral habits and speech patterns when without teeth and readjusting again when you get fitted with a permanent denture.

Immediate dentures help you get right back to indulging in your favorite meals after your extraction rather than being restricted to a liquid diet.

Proper Care for Immediate Dentures

After six months of wearing your immediate dentures, your dentist will have to extensively review them to see how well and comfortably they sit in your mouth. If necessary, he will adjust their shape and size. Frequently, after all the modifications and adjustment, the immediate denture ends up becoming permanent.

Other times, the dentist will use the immediate dentures as a stop-gap measure after tooth extraction and will proceed to fit the permanent denture after your gums and bones must have completely healed.

If you have any questions regarding the creation, maintenance, or feel of immediate dentures, please give us a call or set up an appointment online today! Alternatively, if you would like more information about traditional dentures, you can ask us for information for that as well!